I’m Moving On!

m and mAfter 12 years of serving up health and beauty to my wonderful clients, it is time… to say good bye!

I will be retiring on July 30th (and so will Meloso).

I can be contacted via email until December, 2015.

Where to go for spa services? I will post referrals soon, and will be sending out a final email or two to my former clients.

Experience Isagenix Button (US/EN)

Experience Isagenix Button (US/EN)

As many of you know, I will be continuing my health and wellness services in a different form. Visit my new website at Isagenix!

With love, deep gratitude, laughter and best wishes for many more dreams to come for all of us, I express my deepest THANKS to all who have touched, enhanced and been a part of this wondeful business—and my life!


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